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A very busy couple of days

Wow, what a couple of days, Tuesday was the start of our local county show, the New Forest Show, although it is on for three days, I could only attend for the one day this year. It was very good, … Continue reading

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Watercolour ‘no name brown cow’ painting until midnight

I have been meaning to try out a cow in watercolour, but these hares and horses I am so keen on painting keep taking priority, or is it I just kept putting the cow off for fear of failure? Well … Continue reading

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Watercolour American Saddlebred , golden dun …..gone a little cartoon like!

So the weather has been torrential downpours….. Not that I am complaining too much, it is England! We like to talk weather. It goes from one extreme to the next, having had no rain for weeks, the fields have become … Continue reading

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Donkey watercolour

Living in the new forest I am so lucky to be surrounded by so much wildlife. The new forest ponies are a great source of many painting, but also the donkey’s. At this time of year the donkey foals are … Continue reading

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Watercolour hare appearing as if by magic

I had lots of fun with this, it really did not turn out the way I had originally planned, but I do like it, the way the hare seems to emerge from the paint. I used a lot of water, … Continue reading

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Wishy washy watercolour horse

I started off with a plan in my head to create a mixed media horse, a little like the dog I did earlier in my blog. So to begin with I found a nice photo I had, and started putting … Continue reading

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Check out this website tribute to the talented David Ballantyne

When I was growing up in Highcliffe Dorset, I was lucky enough to be living next door to the talented David Ballantyne. I spent as many days as possible in his studio, and learnt so so much, I made many … Continue reading

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It might be sunny, but I am painting! Abstract watercolour/ mixed media dog

Last night I started a basic dog drawing. I painted the eyes and nose, I wanted them to look as normal as possible, followed then by a variety of coloured washes over the different parts of his head. I then … Continue reading

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Watercolour chocolate Labrador for friends birthday

Birthdays?………what to get? 💡paint a picture. so my friend has a chocolate lab, the answer lay with her best furry friend. I did revert back to my usual detailed type of painting, and opted for a cute pose.

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Beauty beneath…..using up a watercolour background wash

I have quite a collection of watercolour washes, where I have just played with colour and textures. This painting was a very subtle wash, so a little easier than most to try to paint something on top that was not … Continue reading

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