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A catch up of some recent works

I really need to apologise for not posting very frequently lately, however now the Christmas season is over, and we are into a fresh new year, I hope to get back to a little normality ( whatever that maybe)? Here … Continue reading

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30#worldwatercolormonth ‘some quick practice’

I am wondering if anybody has some spare time to help me out, I am thinking of getting some greeting cards printed, about four image designs, my problem is deciding which would be the best pictures to have as a … Continue reading

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21#worldwatercolormonth’All in a days work’

Today I stepped away from my furry friends with four legs, onto something hairy, with many more legs and wings. He is a very hard worker, but enjoys each and everyday, a happy chappie is the honey bee, I wonder … Continue reading

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Today involved some more practicing of horses, I had the charcoal out, so to fit in with world watercolour month, I added a splash here and there to give more shape to the equine. The second is all charcoal and … Continue reading

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‘Party pup’ charcoal and pastel

This was a really fun picture of a very happy party pup, I got the reference photograph from the sktchy app. It’s a great place to visit if you get stuck for inspiration.

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Just charcoal- hare

I find it hard to resist adding colour, even if it is natural shades of brown. In the past when I have started a charcoal picture I have grabbed the colour pastels, or derwent tinted charcoal. This time I have … Continue reading

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Charcoal and pastel, male figure study

With charcoal and pastels to hand ( they are out rather a lot at the moment) I decided to practice a little figure drawing, this time male. I have a book called virtual pose 3 by mario Henri chakkour. It … Continue reading

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‘Peek-a-boo’goat in watercolour, charcoal and pastel

This was originally a watercolour that had gone wrong ( in my opinion) so as  I had my charcoal and pastels out, I  decided to give it a makeover. I think they have helped revive it. The biggest problem I … Continue reading

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Horse in pastel ‘The meet’

horse in pastel, and charcoal. New horses introduced into the field, results in some powerful expressions from the herd. Dominance, submission…..lots of squeals.   The pecking order is under threat, does the leader meet his challenger?           … Continue reading

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‘A mothers love’cow and calf in pastel.

I have had the pastels and charcoal out lately, not quite so much clearing away, although a fair bit of dusty residue remains on the floor! This is ‘ A mother love’ for obvious reasons

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