Today involved some more practicing of horses, I had the charcoal out, so to fit in with world watercolour month, I added a splash here and there to give more shape to the equine. The second is all charcoal and chalk, on Kraft card, I love the colour of Kraft card. It’s always good to practice, trying to figure out which lines are the important ones is often hard for me, I find the paint an easier medium for showing detail, placing lines in pencil, pen or charcoal is something I need to get better at. I was quite pleased with these, I think the Kraft card and adding white really helps with the end result.


Charcoal and watercolour horse study


Charcoal and white pencil horse study, on toned card A4


About REcreate-RebeccaEvansCreate

My name is Rebecca Evans, living in the New Forest I have been inspired to paint the many animals often seen around me. Having ridden since Childhood, painting equines was a natural path to follow. I use a variety of media, watercolour, oil, charcoal, pastel,inks, plus a few more, infact I will try most things. Choosing the medium to work with can really change the effect of the art, and therefore the character of the animal. Sometimes it is an instant decision, sometimes it is the mood from within me which determines which medium I choose to use. I never know what might inspire me next, but if it’s hairy, I will be sure to try.
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28 Responses to 5#worldwatercolormonth

  1. I love the way you fit WC into what you already wanted to do, I think I need to do this more too as this WC stuff is already wearing on me lol. Both pieces are beautiful, Rebecca, I can’t even pick a favorite. Charcoal isn’t a favorite of mine, but looking at your work makes me wanna pick it up! Gosh, you do beautiful stuff. Every time I visit here, I remind myself that it is indeed possible to render animals in a colored medium, believably. You give me hope and spur me on, my friend! Really love both of these. Your WC work in the top piece is so delicate and realistic. It’s just right, Rebecca. Well done!

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  2. Oh and I love the way they both fade into the paper. Wow, these are both more stunning, the more I look at them! Thank you.

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  3. Teri C says:

    So beautiful!

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  4. Jacob says:

    Yes, I think Laura took the words from my mouth (perhaps the horse’s, too!) – your delight in capturing these horses is always so so clear! The watercolour is especially beautiful.

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  5. Snehal Kank says:

    Ture! I love the way you merge subjects into background 😍 So Beautiful!

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  6. Wonderful poses and movement – you really capture the dancing feel with these. They flow.

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  7. Susan Feniak says:

    You wouldn’t by any chance love horses Rebecca?? Just kidding. It is so apparent in your horse drawings and art. Love these two. πŸ™‚

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  8. These are beautiful!! Love that you splashed some…hehe…love it!! 😍

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  9. Beautiful art, they both have such a unique and wonderful presence. Thank you for sharing.

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