‘Meandering in the meadow’ pheasant art

I have been working on this large piece over the last week, between riding and work I decided it was eventually finished. I started the pheasant in polychromos ( now I wish I hadn’t, as it was not how I had originally planned) I finished the rest in watercolour. Although it was not to plan I am happy with him, the look has way too much detail to my original thought, so I will try again for my intended look very soon in the future. This is one of my larger watercolours at 65cm x50cm which I hope will fit in a frame I have ….if I measured correctly? Hopefully he will hang on my friends stall at Molly’s den, if the colours complement the upholstery they have at the moment that will be a bonus.


‘Meandering in the meadow’ polychromos and watercolour 300lb coldpress 65×50 cm


About REcreate-RebeccaEvansCreate

My name is Rebecca Evans, living in the New Forest I have been inspired to paint the many animals often seen around me. Having ridden since Childhood, painting equines was a natural path to follow. I use a variety of media, watercolour, oil, charcoal, pastel,inks, plus a few more, infact I will try most things. Choosing the medium to work with can really change the effect of the art, and therefore the character of the animal. Sometimes it is an instant decision, sometimes it is the mood from within me which determines which medium I choose to use. I never know what might inspire me next, but if it’s hairy, I will be sure to try.
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24 Responses to ‘Meandering in the meadow’ pheasant art

  1. Frank McKay says:

    Very nice! Great detail & framing of the subject. I have one of these on my list to paint. (Hope it turns out half as well as yours!)

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  2. Snehal Kank says:

    You nailed it friend 😍 I just love your style πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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  3. Jacob says:

    Wonderful – what a regal character! The details in the plumage are just incredible, as usual, and he’s framed beautifully amongst the greenery.

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  4. Jodi says:

    Wow.! What an awesome job. Love the grasses and flowers and sky all around him. Incredible

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  5. Beautiful! I can almost sense him moving ever so slowly but then he is a painting, so that won’t happen! I really love how you handle the grasses around him, you knew exactly where to soften or highlight (slightly not to loose that soft look). Very sensitive….I think that who you are as an artist is very visible and discernible in this piece. Wow…..love it!

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  6. memadtwo says:

    As Jacob said, regal. A den will be a perfect setting. (K)

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  7. I think its amazing! I love the green and blue blended together to make the color of the head! I also like the attention to detail you paid to the feathers.

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    • Thank you, the green and blue is a blend of polychromos, I with I had stuck to watercolour, as I would have had more flexibility with moving the paint, but the pencils are great for detailed work, so they get a gold star for that…I’m still learning the pros and cons of coloured pencils, in particular the polychromos.

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  8. Very nice like everything you paint! ❀

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  9. diophilia says:

    That’s really pretty. But is it just me or do I catch a grave sense of sadness?

    I will subscribe away and share your content! ^^

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  10. Wonderful! I love the composition and the style. You combined the watercolours and coloured pencils beautifully. πŸ™‚

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