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Portraits continued

I continued over the weekend with my portrait theme, courtesy of sktchy app, many thanks Angela Rivera for the photo reference. This is pen and ink, plus some coloured pencil                 ( polychromo), 10×7″ … Continue reading

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Sktchy app #mondaymuse graphite sketch

This evening I was checking out sktchy app for a photo to paint from, then I saw a link to Monday-muse, which featured the stunningly beautiful Bean Robinson. I don’t usually join in with the daily hashtag events on sktchy…lack … Continue reading

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Catching up with a few people, in an arty way

I have been a little lost with painting lately, I keep starting, but then set pieces aside unfinished. Unsure of where I want them to go, or getting bored and wishing to move onto the next? Or is it because … Continue reading

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‘You scream, I scream’ ink and watercolour

Back to a portrait today, another great Sktchy app reference photo, this one jumped…or should I say screamed  out at me to paint, maybe because I feel like standing in a field and screaming very loadly, how much fun, to … Continue reading

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‘Ears, bows and pukka pose’ more hot press paper put through paces!

Its Friday night, yippee,  the weekend is here, chilled evening finishing this ink and wash which I stared the other day, and putting the hot press paper through its paces. Super cute little girl fashioning some unusual ears! What could … Continue reading

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Fun with ink and wash

The last few days I have been playing around with ink and wash, with the difference being the paper I have used, I decided to give hot press watercolour paper a try again. I already had a pad of A4 … Continue reading

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‘Stunning Stella’ Sktchy app inspiration

Another big thanks to Sktchy app for my latest inspired watercolour of a beautiful girl called Stella, this is Luna’s sister, I painted her sister a while back…such a cute pair 😀

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Black and white=colour

This was a fun portrait to paint, I found a cute black and white photo of a young girl on the Sktchy app, and converted her into my colourful with gold hints version. Super cute! I am loving Holbein gouache … Continue reading

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‘Princess of the party’ watercolour inspiration from Sktchy app

So this Sktchy app is proving to be a great benefit in inspiring me to get painting people. It’s actually quite addictive. The only hard but is deciding which photo to use, there are so many and I have saved … Continue reading

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Luna ‘dressing up’ Sktchy app inspiration

After feeling inspired by the app sktchy, I started trailing back through the thousands of photo reference opportunities, and found a gorgeous photo of ‘luna’. Lauren her mum had kindly shared the photo, and I took up the challenge, another bright … Continue reading

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