‘Atrasus’ watercolour horse

This gorgeous boy just appeared rearing off the page, I really enjoyed painting him. I originally left the background white, then after looking at it for a few days I decided some colour was needed. Having added the colour ( which looks better than when it was white) I think I went to hard with the pigment, I tried toning it down but it nearly went to the point of wrecking the whole thing, so I have now left alone.

‘Atrasus’ watercolour rearing horse, 140lb coldpress 16×12″


‘Atrasus’ watercolour rearing horse, 140lb coldpress 16×12″

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“Dwell alone” watercolour hound

I started this painting in the new year after the local new forest hunt Boxing Day meet. I took a few nice photos of the hounds,  I had planned the image I wanted to get, but there were so many people that attended the meet in support, that I really gave up trying ( I will attend a quieter meet during the season, maybe I will get lucky then)? Itching to get painting after Christmas, I started on this solitary hound. I did give up on him for a bit, then finished off this week. I plan to paint him again in a more abstract style, which I have started, so it would be a good comparison.

“dwell alone” watercolour foxhound 14×10″coldpress 140lb


dwell alone” watercolour foxhound 14×10″coldpress 140lb

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‘Carabinero’ 10×7″ watercolour

I am getting back into the swing of things, and now that the Christmas sparkle has settled, painting has resumed, almost back to normality…..and a couple more posts will follow this one.
This was a quicky really, something I painted for fun whilst watching the TV. Watercolour Arab, 10×7″ coldpress 140 lb


“Carabinero” watercolour Arab 10×7″ coldpress 140 lb

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A catch up of some recent works

I really need to apologise for not posting very frequently lately, however now the Christmas season is over, and we are into a fresh new year, I hope to get back to a little normality ( whatever that maybe)?

Here are a selection of paintings, which I would have posted separately, had more time have been available. Anyhow at least you know I have still been painting 😀…..oh and I did have a blip earlier on where WP would not work properly, so I could not post, reinstalled and all ok 😮.

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Thank you….2016

Well it’s goodbye 2016, wishing everybody a fantastic 2017. A big thank you to everybody for following my blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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Christmas cards complete,32 individually painted mini watercolours.

Eventually I have finished these 32 watercolour cards, each individually painted,no two are the same. I must admit it took longer than I thought, especially with the additions of glittering and adding accents like holly and bows. All are now mounted onto card blanks, the only thing remaining is for me to write them before sending to the recipient.

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Small original paintings finished for tiger yard pop up shop

Today was my dead line for finishing some small watercolour paintings for tiger yard pop up shop. All are now framed and will be joining some prints I had done of previous paintings.

The mini paintings are all 12cmx14cm, double mounted , and all priced up ready to go. Tiger yard is a great idea, making use of unused shop space, with the run up to Christmas this really helps the local community, opportunities to buy hand made items, which the high street rarely offers. All proceeds raised go back into the community, so everybody wins 😀


‘Hop it’ 12cmx14cm watercolour


‘Hound of love’ 12cmx14cm watercolour


‘One of the family’12cmx14cm watercolour


‘first date’12cmx14cm watercolour


‘Diva’12cmx14cm watercolour


‘Sympathy’12cmx14cm watercolour

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