The other day I took the dog (cassie) out for a long dog walk, in search of the pony herds on the forest, I was in too much pain to ride, but wanted to use the time constructively. It was a warm day, and not one pony was in sight, so I headed to some distant trees, hoping they would be sheltering from the sun. Eventually we found them, and the highland cattle. Sadly because it was so hot the ponies were in a very sedentary state, just standing head to tail swishing their tails, I really wanted a picture with many standing heads together, I did get a few, but the conditions were hard to work with, both extreme light and shadow bouching through the trees onto their faces. So today’s post is more of a portrait painting, which I am trying to step away from.

‘lunar’ watercolour 200lb 30x40cm coldpress

Terry Harrison Tarmac, WN sepia, burnt umber, dr ph Martin bleed proof white.


‘Lunar’ new forest pony mare 200 lb cold press 30×40 cm

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27#workdwatercolormonth ‘pony power 4’

The powerful ponies yet again, this is the last on my small 9×12″ arches pad, I need to get bigger again, I was really pleased with the lower half, but over did the face on this one, hey ho, live and learn 😀 Arches cold press 140 lb 9×12″


‘Pony power 4’ arches cold press 140 lb 9×12″ watercolour

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26#worldwatercolrmonth pony power 3

Todays post is yet another practice of a horse watercolour …..sorry to bore you, but this painting every day is a huge learning curve and great opportunity to try hard with these horses, especially in movement, something I would usually avoid. This is 9×12″ cold press 140 lb.


‘Pony power 3’ watercolour 9×12 arches cold press 140 lb.

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25#worldwatercolormonth’pony power 2′

I am in good time for the 25 post of the month, and world watercolour month. This is pony power 2, after my pony power 1 post ( see previous post). I wanted to create a softer look, I thought the last one had too much contrast, so had a go at improving, and stopping at a Conveinient time….put that brush down, I keep repeating to myself.

Pony power 2, arches cold press 140 lb 9×12″ block. Much happier with this one, I do struggle with this small size, especially the eyes, and some facial features, it’s just so small.


‘Pony power 2’ arches cold press 140 lb 9×12″ watercolour

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24#worldwatercolormonth ‘ pony power 1’

I am one hour late with this one, however my next post will be well in the time frame,for the day’s schedule, it’s 1am on the      25 th.

well I had quickly get on with this late post, ‘ pony power 1’ sorry guys it’s another horse, I need the practice to improve. This is on 9×12 arches cold press 140 lb block. I enjoyed this, but I couldn’t leave it alone and felt some of the marks were too harsh, decided to try another pony, but a little more toned down, see my next post ‘ pony power 2’


‘Pony power 1’ arches cold press 140lb 9×12″ watercolour

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23#worldwatercolormonth ‘turnout’


‘Turnout’ watercolour, 140 lb arches cold press 9×12 “

It’s Saturday and the sun is out, I have been busy doing this quick post so I can get back out in the sunshine. This morning was too hot to ride the ponies, so my daughter and I went out with the camera to find some new forest ponies, oh and some highland cattle, I wanted to test out the lens I have on trial for a second time, and my daughter wanted to try the camera, which she will probably buy, she has never had an SLR, so it’s all a little strange for her. So we found the ponies and the cattle, all huddled under the shade of the trees, a little hard for photo reference, as the ponies often had some light and some shade on them, so either appeared to dark, or too light, lots of setting alterations to get a decent photo, but we got a few, and my daughter is now sure that the SLR is what she would like.

We got home and I decided to get today post started, not a native new forest pony, but a horse, enjoying his ‘Turnout’.

This is arches 140 lb cold press watercolour 9×12″. Now I am off to check and feed the ponies for the early evening, so I can then get out and enjoy the evening sunshine, beach maybe? Have a great weekend 😀

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22#worldwatercolormonth ‘leveret’

Todays post is another quickie, it’s a young hare leveret, I painted her on 200 lb cold press 30×40 cm again I used the Tarmac by terry Harrison, WN sepia, burnt sienna, yellow ocre, burnt umber…..just making the most of the good weather, so less time for painting. Have a great weekend .


‘Leveret’ 30×40 cm watercolour on 200lb cold press.

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