A great alround day with the horses


Ink and bleach painting, Saunders rough 28×38 cm 200lb ‘ morning glory’

Today was a great day, I firstly had a fantastic ride on the forest with my friend Alison, we boxed the horses out to an area my friend was unfamiliar with, so I could show her some great tracks, nice long canters useful for her eventer with a big stride, Woody kept up well, but being very woolly, as (I have not clipped yet) he got pretty hot and sweaty. The sun was out, and the day was unusually warm for November.

I then completed another of my ink and bleach paintings, I feel more in control of this crazy medium, but I also love how it does its own thing. I have one more to do, having already covered the last sheet of Saunders 200lb rough in ink prep.

The last part of the day was fantastic as I met with my photographer friend Henry Szwinto and his lovely wife Jo,he was doing a photo shoot of my friends horse Tenor ( andalusian) I took my camera down too, captured a few nice photos, but the light was going. I then spent some time helping with the positioning of tenor for the special lighting equipment Henry uses…oh I wish I had better equipment. Early glances at his photos look good, I can’t wait to see the finished photos of tenor showing some truly stunning gymnastic skills, superb handstand photo comes to mind, so pleased I wasn’t riding! I think Tenor knew the camera was there, he really knew how to show off ๐Ÿ˜€

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The trouble with horsing around

Horsing around again today, meet ‘Miss Trouble’ she is horse I could not resist painting on Sktchy app…it always pleases me to find a nice horse on the app ๐Ÿ˜€, I think I need to get back to some people again, (I have so many in my waiting to paint queue ) after I have finished the few animals I am painting, I may get round to them….Well best laid plans? Often things change, really it’s whatever the mood takes me.


‘Miss Trouble’ watercolour horse, 140lb coldpress 9×12″ Sktchy app inspiration

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Cleaning up for inktober

I thought I should join in with inktober and post a few of my ink paintings, I have to admit I found it a little messy after the first painting, so had a little clean up…lets just say the bleach got the art bug, anyone would think my house had been deep cleaned, but the stinky stuff had gone no further than the paper for my next two paintings. this was so much fun, but it is a good idea to keep well ventilated, doors open, and a few breaks to get away fron the smell. I also used a couple of old brushes, as I can’t imagineย it would do the expensive ones any good…..even if they appear clean after the meeting!


Inktober- ink painting of dressage rider 140 lb coldpress


Inktober- ink and bleach painting horse head study, Saunders rough 200lb 28x38cm


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Graphite powder painting

For ages I have wanted to try out graphite powder, but the biggest problem is that it’s not cheap, and if I didn’t get on with it, it would ย be a waste of money. Well I did some searching and there are possibilities away from the art supply industry. The local cobbler/ key cutter came up with the goods. You see the DIY market produces a powdered graphite lubricant, it is a dry lubricant so great for stiff locks in the winter. I bought a pot and home I went to see if it would work. I expect you could guess by now that it did NOT let me down, because it warranted a blog post ๐Ÿ˜€, infact it did better than I had thought, the little pot of powder was also water soluble, equalling many of the leading art brands of powder graphite, obviously I have no basis for comparison on this non art product, but I don’t feel the need as it did everything I wanted , happy days. Now would an eraser work on it? Well yes of course, it performed to perfection. I guess really graphite is graphite, however you buy it, so no need for expensive art product packaging, with increased prices. Here is a picture I did from a Sktchy app photo, all done mixing the powder with water. Also a Photo of a small test sheet showing some tonal abilities of powdered graphite , eraser ability and of course the basic smudging, which I forgot to mention above. There is no brand as such on the packet, so here is a photo of the pot, but I would guess that most brands of lubricant graphite powder would work the same way?


7×10″ powdered graphite 140 lb coldpress. Sktchy app inspiration photo

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One man and his horse, watercolour of Billy

Today I can reveal the watercolour card of Billy, (I mentioned the other day). Billy is the cutest pony, with a kind heart, and is ridden by a gentleman called Nick at the yard where I keep my ponies. Today was Nicks birthday, before he went out for his ride, some of the other horse owners had a celebration of cake to mark the important day, he is an amazing man, and I hope I am still riding at his age ๐Ÿ˜€ HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK ๐ŸŽ‚

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Constructive weekend painting

I had a pretty good weekend, the weather was beautiful, I rode both days on the ponies, clipped the dog, and mowed the grass ย  ย ( it’s still growing well despite being in October).did the food shopping….then with all jobs done in the house I had time to paint. I finished two paintings in watercolour, and have two more in progress, back to the animals for a while, as I have a dog painting for a friend who is retiring, and a horse portrait for an elderly gentleman’s birthday, of his pony he rides, these are the works in progress, nearly finished….if anything ever is?

I will show you the two finished paintings, the others need to stay secret for now, in case they are seen….shhhhh!


‘Just waiting’ Sktchy app inspiration photo. Watercolour 9×12″ 140 lb coldpress


‘Two time’ watercolour, arches 140 lb coldpress, 9×12″

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Two quick greeting cards

I decided to use the Saunders sample papers I was given as mini paintings mounted onto greeting cards, they are only 5×5″ and vary from 90lb to 300 lb, coldpress, hotpress and rough. I am so impressed that I will buy this paper again, all Barr the 90 lb….it’s still ok, but I like more weight to my paper. These little paintings were from Sktchy app again, I just can’t get enough of the app, it’s great to use after work when I just don’t want to think too much, but still want to paint, full of inspiration ๐Ÿ˜€. I am loving that I have stumbled upon some fellow bloggers on the app, and welcome some new ones. Here are two I did the other evening.


‘ amazing grey’ watercolour 260 lb coldpress Saunders 5×5″ Sktchy app inspiration, mounted onto 8×8 greeting card


‘Official’ watercolour, ink and gel pen, 5×5″ 200lb coldpress Saunders. Mounted onto 8×8″ greeting card. Sktchy app inspiration

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