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Face on book pages, using Indian ink and pastel

Hidden behind my ‘Hareball’was another unfinished painting, it had been hidden for almost a year, I had ripped up a book I got from a skip at the beginning of 2015, it was used in a number of paintings I … Continue reading

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‘Rhythm and bounce’horse jumping watercolour and Indian ink

Today has been really miserable, it has rained constantly, and HEAVY, all the little back roads were flooded, and many fields in the forest were under water. I am lucky, although our fields are mud, they are not under water, … Continue reading

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‘Serval’ cat ink, watercolour and pen

This is my Serval cat portrait, finished tonight. I guess it is mixed media, as it began as a pure ink portrait, with gesture brush strokes, I wish I had taken a photo at that point, I really liked it, … Continue reading

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Painting with ink, dressage horse

I have been experimenting with painting in ink, a variety of colours and brands, ( brown shades and white) plus black Indian ink watered down, and neat. Although I have used ink before, it has been for use in backgrounds. … Continue reading

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‘ANJA’Indian ink and watercolour sitting baby elephant.

This is ‘Anja’ meaning sit down in Korean. Indian ink and watercolour sitting baby elephant. I love the way the water brings out the subtle colours in the ink, some shadowing was created with the addition of a little watercolour, … Continue reading

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‘Just Julia watercolour dog shih tzu

This is a painting I did for a patient, they have quite a number of shiatsu’s all are impeccably turned out, groomed to perfection. I was sent some wonderful photos of them all ( he is a photographer). For some … Continue reading

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Aches and pains! Wind and rain! ‘It wasn’t me!’ Watercolour dog finished

So this sums up my weekend, the weather was horrid. I managed to ride on Saturday, which was great. Visited a charity fundraising Christmas boutique, full of amazing gifts, all put together by a talented lady, where all sales are … Continue reading

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