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This weeks doodle sketches in graphite and pastel

A number of doodle sketches completed this week, between oil painting, some in graphite, some in pastel ( some I actually did a while ago and had left in the pastel pad, so I sprayed with fixative, and thought I … Continue reading

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Woody jumping, in pastel

This is Woody ( new forest pony) in pastel pencil ( conte) popping over a jump.

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Face on book pages, using Indian ink and pastel

Hidden behind my ‘Hareball’was another unfinished painting, it had been hidden for almost a year, I had ripped up a book I got from a skip at the beginning of 2015, it was used in a number of paintings I … Continue reading

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Just charcoal- hare

I find it hard to resist adding colour, even if it is natural shades of brown. In the past when I have started a charcoal picture I have grabbed the colour pastels, or derwent tinted charcoal. This time I have … Continue reading

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Tom Hardy, if your feeling dotty

A friend of mine was talking about Tom Hardy, now I don’t watch too many films, so as usual I had no idea who he was. Google is a wonderful thing, so I looked him up, he seems to be … Continue reading

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‘Ginge 2’ cat pastel portrait

Ginge has had to put up with me using him for a model again. I have had a busy evening of painting, I have nearly completed some more horse paintings ( plus one trial using unconventional products, it didn’t work … Continue reading

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Horse in pastel ‘The meet’

horse in pastel, and charcoal. New horses introduced into the field, results in some powerful expressions from the herd. Dominance, submission…..lots of squeals.   The pecking order is under threat, does the leader meet his challenger?           … Continue reading

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‘A mothers love’cow and calf in pastel.

I have had the pastels and charcoal out lately, not quite so much clearing away, although a fair bit of dusty residue remains on the floor! This is ‘ A mother love’ for obvious reasons

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Pastel/charcoal Lusitano, ‘liberdade’ meaning freedom

Today I finished my pastel picture, a Lusitano free schooling, called ‘liberdade’ which means freedom. I attended a kiln glass workshop yesterday, which was great fun, and very informative. In the hope I may do some glass work with the … Continue reading

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Charcoal dark tones hare ‘ Watch It’!

After a hectic week, I have eventually managed to grab hold of the charcoal to have another play, it has been long waited, I had really enjoyed it previously and I think the willow stick was jumping out the box … Continue reading

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