Other animals


5 Responses to Other animals

  1. Both my son and I are looking at these, and we both like how varied your style is – and they all shine!

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  2. Emma feltham says:

    Well ,,, finally she’s famous..!
    My greatest friend of all ! My child hood loon.! My memory sharer!

    You have been a busy bee ., Hence no visits,as your only just up the road x

    Any way .you need to put the beautiful picture you did for me on your “blog”/website ,. Summer at her best !
    My god Bec “‘ you do have such a bloody talent!
    Must catch up soon. !!!?!🌠☀🌞☕☕☕☕☕🎠☕
    Lots of love

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    • Lol, not sure about the famous bit, but yes been busy, it’s the Internet stuff that takes up so much time, the painting is the easier fun part 😀….I need to take a photo of summer’s picture, for some reason I never took photos of my paintings and drawings previously, stupid me, there are a number of them out and about that I have no record of, just my memories 😀


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