Fun with ink and wash

The last few days I have been playing around with ink and wash, with the difference being the paper I have used, I decided to give hot press watercolour paper a try again. I already had a pad of A4 size, but really hadn’t got on with it in the past.

I wanted to try out some ink line work using some of the great Sktchy app inspiration photos, and thought that now would be a great time to try out this super smooth watercolour paper again. It can be awkward for the watercolour, but I figured great for the ink line work, so out came the ink…lamy pen, and Pental Β brush liner, and I set to work.

The ink went down really well, how would the watercolour go?? Well… was ok, the paper is just not as absorbent, as coldpress, the paint appears more washed out in tone, so thicker paint on the brush was needed to get vibrancy. But the biggest problem for me was with blending, it’s not great, it just smooches around Β the paint I had previously laid down, then left bad brush marks. From my first couple of attempts I decided that ment the lines and marks I made with watercolour would need to be positive, purposeful, and a ‘one chance to get it right’ sort of stroke. Happier with these two, pheww, just need to work on this hot stuff some more, but I love the ink on this surface.


‘Cute in blue’ ink and wash. 8.3″X11.7″ 140 lb hot press. Sktchy app inspiration


‘ worship me like a god’ ink and wash, 140 lb hot press 8.3x 11.7″ Sktchy app inspiration


About REcreate-RebeccaEvansCreate

My name is Rebecca Evans, living in the New Forest I have been inspired to paint the many animals often seen around me. Having ridden since Childhood, painting equines was a natural path to follow. I use a variety of media, watercolour, oil, charcoal, pastel,inks, plus a few more, infact I will try most things. Choosing the medium to work with can really change the effect of the art, and therefore the character of the animal. Sometimes it is an instant decision, sometimes it is the mood from within me which determines which medium I choose to use. I never know what might inspire me next, but if it’s hairy, I will be sure to try.
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11 Responses to Fun with ink and wash

  1. Well done experimenting the hot pressed paper! I like what turned out! πŸ™‚

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  2. Wow, you’re so gifted at painting portraits! These are awesome!! 😍 But yeah… I agree on Hot Press…just doesn’t do it for me when it comes to blending.

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  3. memadtwo says:

    Very expressive. (K)

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  4. Jodi says:

    WOW! They turned out so beautiful despite your challenges! Love the first one especially – just so much life and character πŸ™‚

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  5. Good for you for persevering. I bet I would not like hot pressed. your post put me in mind of a teacher I heard, can’t remember who or where, who said “accept the mark you make”. I have trouble doing that!!!

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