Donkey watercolour

Living in the new forest I am so lucky to be surrounded by so much wildlife. The new forest ponies are a great source of many painting, but also the donkey’s. At this time of year the donkey foals are appearing, and they are just so cute ( Β my pony paddy does not agree, feeling they are seiously weird with their big ears, his eyes pop out on storks, and he snorts loudly as he grows to what he believes is a big brave thoughbred- funny for a 25 year old boy) Here is my first donkey watercolour, it’s a pity the photo wasn’t better, as I could not get a better eye, but I am happy enough. Plan is to paint one of the cute babies next.

Watercolour donkey

Watercolour donkey


About REcreate-RebeccaEvansCreate

My name is Rebecca Evans, living in the New Forest I have been inspired to paint the many animals often seen around me. Having ridden since Childhood, painting equines was a natural path to follow. I use a variety of media, watercolour, oil, charcoal, pastel,inks, plus a few more, infact I will try most things. Choosing the medium to work with can really change the effect of the art, and therefore the character of the animal. Sometimes it is an instant decision, sometimes it is the mood from within me which determines which medium I choose to use. I never know what might inspire me next, but if it’s hairy, I will be sure to try.
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14 Responses to Donkey watercolour

  1. Oh, grand! Very alive. The nose knows, it’s sort of smelling in action, I can feel it.

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  2. Thank you…. I think if I remember she was eating gorse, prickly stuff, and they point their little noses to avoid their muzzles getting poked! ( they are clever and pick the soft new growth)


  3. Fantastic! I love him!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ”Ί

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  4. Beautiful did you do this art work?

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    • Hi, thank you for your lovely comments, yes I did paint her, we have a small heard of donkeys on the forest that graze in the area I ride,( not mine, they are semi wild as are the ponies in the new forest, although I think the donkeys are pretty much handle able) they live out on the open forest during the summer months and get taken off the forest during the winter usually ( depends on the weather) lots of little ones are born right now, I hope to get a picture when I am off work next week, as plan to paint and ride during my time off.


    • Hi,from over the water. I hope you don’t mind, I have used one of your beautiful donkey’s, photos, I think Oboe, the one with the lovely hairy ears. Please see my new blog post, here is the link
      Your donkey’s are lovely, and I don’t think I have ever seen a donkey as big as your giant one, it is lovely to see your work, I catch up regularly to see what you are upto with your donkey friends. I am lucky to ride on the new forest, and we have a few baby donkey’s this year, just adorable, the herd is small only about 12, but it amazing the distances they travel across the forest, their range is far greater than the ponies, and they have a strict structure as to where they like to be at certain times. Much more a creature of habit than the horse I feel. X

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    Water color of Donkeys!

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  6. How much to paint my donkeys and horses?

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    • Gosh that is a very flattering comment, I think I have gone red! I am a hobby painter, and have only really sold a few paintings to family and close friends, when they have seen things on my wall and insisted I should sell to them, lol I could give it a go, I do love donkeys horses and hares, sometimes horses can be tricky, but hares and donkeys have lots of hair to hide behind, so can be vey forgiving.

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  7. violetannie63 says:

    He is a beautiful donkey! Thank you for following my blog – it is appreciated πŸ™‚

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  8. You are talented, I know of many donkey, horse and mule people who would love to hire you. Let’s talk 360 620-5868 Melody or email me at

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    • Hi Melody, thank you, I am very flattered. I am in the UK,so I am not sure what time of the day you are in relation to us here, so ringing could be difficult. I am about to go to bed now, and I have flat work training in the morning, on the youngster ( woody).followed by a much requested visit to ikea by my daughter in the afternoon …depending on the time difference it would be possible to call, if not I will use you email. BeckyπŸ˜ƒ

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