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Sonny the PAT dog watercolour King Charles spaniel

This is Sonny ( King Charles spaniel)our hospice has a few PAT dogs, sonny is one that visits regularly, he is a very gentle character, and the patients really bond with him. So I decided he should be painted. I … Continue reading

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My Mum’s watercolour puffin finished

My watercolour puffin is now complete, I enjoyed painting him, but really should have left more white space I think, I am slowly getting to grips with a more free approach to painting. I did struggle with this technique when … Continue reading

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‘le fleurs bourn’ Canvas created by patients at hospice

This was a fun piece to create, inspired by a patient a few years ago that touched my heart, he had admired an artist work called Yvonne coomber , this is in his memory.Every patient that wished to help was … Continue reading

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So for some crazy reason I paint best at stupid o’clock (1 am in the morning) at least it is a Friday night! I would like to think I could stay in bed on a Saturday morning, but three ponies … Continue reading

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Using Complements to Create Depth and Control Saturation

Originally posted on On the Easel:
Complements are opposite each other on the color wheel, the complement pairs are red and green, orange and blue, yellow and purple. The following example is another way to remember it by visualizing how…

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Chestnut Arab mare in watercolour

I spent Friday night in, and needed occupying late into the night, as my daughter needed a lift to a friends house before making their way to the airport, for a girlie summer holiday in Greece. So out came the … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day ….goldfinch in oil

I decided to get out the oils today, and create another 20×20 bird painting to go with the blackbird I did for my mum, in Mother’s Day. I wanted to stick with garden birds, so I picked the goldfinch. I … Continue reading

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Puffin patrol, and puffin parade. Watercolour using cling film and salt

I decided to step away from hares and horses, and paint a stepping puffin, and a group of puffins. I used cling film and salt for the backgrounds. Puffin patrol

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Motley moments….a hare with a difference

I am trying to be much more free with my paintings, in a way that challenges me away from my usual portrait style of painting. I want to use unusual colours, that are not conventional to the photo used, when … Continue reading

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My take on the rivulet technique

I am really enjoying this rivulet technique with watercolour, this is my take on the background, which I thought was a bit of fun, the brown hare is not finished, but I wanted to post it as I am so … Continue reading

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