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A no paint day….but pastel and pen will do

Today has been hectic, I had a puncture, by the time I sorted out a new tyre change. I really could not be bothered in getting out paint, water, brushes, nor waiting for the paint to dry. Instead I opted … Continue reading

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Tom Hardy, if your feeling dotty

A friend of mine was talking about Tom Hardy, now I don’t watch too many films, so as usual I had no idea who he was. Google is a wonderful thing, so I looked him up, he seems to be … Continue reading

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‘Friend or foe’ mixed media hares, ( watercolour, neocolor acrylic ink)

I hadn’t used my neocolor for a while, so decided to use them for a couple of hares. I have another double hare painting on the production line, but it is more detailed, I didn’t feel in that mood tonight, … Continue reading

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‘Rhythm and bounce’horse jumping watercolour and Indian ink

Today has been really miserable, it has rained constantly, and HEAVY, all the little back roads were flooded, and many fields in the forest were under water. I am lucky, although our fields are mud, they are not under water, … Continue reading

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Loving liquid pencil, another quick hare, with the addition of watercolour ‘Hermes’

I had another play with the liquid pencil this evening, this time I wanted to see if watercolour would go over it, pretty happy with how they work together-gosh this is fun stuff. If anyone is interested, it was about … Continue reading

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‘Startled’ Draw-a bird-day watercolour pheasant

I have spent the whole day painting, apart from mucking out the ponies this morning. Instead of finishing the paintings I started yesterday, I did my usual, and started something new. Inspired by the draw a bird day, that I … Continue reading

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‘Max’ watercolour pony

I couldn’t resist painting a pony, I decided to make this one quick, with rough paint gestures for this pony, lots of fun, but difficult to rectify mistakes! His ear is wrong, and I tried to correct with black, and … Continue reading

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‘Gemini’hare using liquid pencil

This weekend has given me a chance to experiment with my new pot of liquid pencil, I bought the sepia, re-wetable. I really enjoyed using this paint, you can thin it with after before application, and when dry, it will … Continue reading

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‘The warm up’ watercolour/ ink sketch

Back to some familiarity, this is ‘ the warm up’ using watercolour and ink.

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‘Ginge 2’ cat pastel portrait

Ginge has had to put up with me using him for a model again. I have had a busy evening of painting, I have nearly completed some more horse paintings ( plus one trial using unconventional products, it didn’t work … Continue reading

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