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‘Mr Fisher’ watercolour and pastel seagull

My gosh I have surprised myself, this is the second piece I have finished today ( both dog – last post and seagull were started during the week) such light relief after the go slow nature of oil painting. This seagull … Continue reading

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‘Mysterial’ watercolour and pastel

This bank holiday has been wonderful, beautiful weather, great riding, a little tidying in the garden, and some painting. Actually not as much as I would have liked. I have a poorly cat, my gorgeous Tom, he has been having … Continue reading

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Artgraf and pastel horse

my Artgraf water soluble graphite blocks arrived, I could not resist a quick play. I combined with pastel once the WC paper was dry. I plan to paint this in oil soon ( although I am known to change my … Continue reading

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Going for gold, Going abstract

This one I thought I would post for Laura at create art every day, it is actually one of my base layers on canvas, ready for an oil painting, I have five others, all very different, in style and colour. … Continue reading

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‘Son of Zeus’ oil on canvas horse, style preference, you decide?

I am in need of some help with this one……although it is really to help me with my next horse oil paintings. I have now given a base coat and background wash to four large canvases. They are drying, and … Continue reading

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Couple of small oil paintings finished

Today I finished two small oil paintings, both are square 20×20 cm. One hare and one llama. I also primed four large canvases with background washes, ready for some horse oil paintings based on my photographs I took recently of … Continue reading

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‘Hightail it’ oil hare painting

I may seem to have been quiet lately, but I have been busy trying to complete my six ongoing oil paintings. I have at last finished this hare, it has been hanging around for ages….three months! I just could not … Continue reading

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Weekend photo shoot with Tenor (Andalusian)

We had a great weekend photo shoot, I took some photos for painting reference, but my friend Henry Szwinto took some stunning shots of Tenor. I was transformed that day into a mystical magical wood, a wonderland of beauty. Thank you … Continue reading

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‘Yin yang’horse oil painting on natural slate tile

This is a quick post, I finished this today, another of my slate paintings. Four more oils to finish, then I am having a break….back to watercolour, and or pastel.

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For the love of nature, natural slate tile and oil painted hare

Following on from my horse on slate, I decided to create a hare in oil, on a slate tile. The slate is proving a very enjoyable base to work on…..back down the reclamation yard I went, ( new forest demolition). … Continue reading

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