Portraits continued

I continued over the weekend with my portrait theme, courtesy of sktchy app, many thanks Angela Rivera for the photo reference. This is pen and ink, plus some coloured pencil                 ( polychromo), 10×7″ 140lb coldpress. ‘ River’


‘River’ sktchy app reference 10×7″ 140lb coldpress pen and ink with coloured pencils ( polychromo)

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Happy birthday Leah❤️

Today is my daughters birthday….wow how time flies 20 years.🎂 Happy birthday Leah❤️



‘Leah and Tom’ pencil sketch on 140 lb coldpress 10×7″


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Save the chimp….ink and bleach painting

Last week the news covered the sad capture of chimp babies, to then be sold on as domestic pets, it was so upsetting seeing this poor creature seperated from its family (They are killed in the process) and stripped of a free wild life as nature had intended.

You can see the article here on the BBC news, with a video clip .

I decided to paint one of these beautiful creatures, I used ink and bleach, on 140lb coldpress 12×9″ I have called it ‘saved’.


‘Saved’ ink and bleach on 12×9″ 140lb coldpress

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Faces and no fur

Quick post as its nearly bed time, but I wanted to show you these pieces I had been doing in the last couple of evenings. I have been trying to paint/sketch each day, even if time is limited. sktchy app is proving very useful at the moment, as I am back into humans, no fur in sight 😀 ( well I have a few work in progress)
Both are small 7×10″ and different mediums


‘Molly Botts’ sktchy app reference graphite 140lb coldpress 7×10″


‘Melissa Mills’ sktchy app reference 140lb coldpress 7×10″ ink and bleach

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Sktchy app #mondaymuse graphite sketch

This evening I was checking out sktchy app for a photo to paint from, then I saw a link to Monday-muse, which featured the stunningly beautiful Bean Robinson. I don’t usually join in with the daily hashtag events on sktchy…lack of time and planning you see. But today I felt differently, and broke the habit, I guess really the photo took my fancy. I felt graphite should be the medium of choice, plus it’s quick, having no dry time to worry about. I also wanted to improve on the last quick sketch I did, the last one was on Kraft card, which was okay, but it wasn’t designed as a drawing medium, it has a very slight shine to it, and I struggled with layers, and erasing. The only thing I liked about the card was the tone-natural straw brown. I think I need to invest in some toned paper, proper stuff!

So for this sketch I used watercolour paper 140lb 12×9″ it had a better result, and I did spend a little longer on it compared to the last, about an hour, I guess. Next time I will use a smooth paper 😀


‘Bean Robinson’ sktchy app reference photo for #mondaymuse. Graphite sketch on 12×9″ 140lb textured watercolour paper

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Elegant writer pen, a mind of its own

This weekend I had some more play time with the elegant writer pen, it’s one of those items I forget about and then have a surge of paintings featuring its talent. However although it produces some great effects when water is added, it also has a slightly uncontrollable nature. Sometimes it does not go to plan, something we have to accept from time to time. With watercolour I can sometimes correct mistakes, removing unwanted marks with a damp brush once dry. However this technique does not work with the black elegant writer pen, once it has been wetted, and dried, that’s it, it’s there for good!

So here is my mistake hare, which I may well try to improve on at a later date. Just so I didn’t feel to disillusioned with the pen, I started a new hare, using the black and brown elegant writer pens. This time things worked out better. Both have had the addition of watercolour….brown! I just love the blue and pinks that are created with this amazing pen once the water is added.


Elegant writer pen, black. With addition of watercolour paint. A4 140lb coldpress. When it goes wrong, pen bled into areas of the hare which I had not desired, including his eyelashes on the left, I may try to improve on him in the future



‘Montgomery’ 14×10″ 140lb coldpress. Black and brown elegant writer pen, plus watercolour.

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‘An elegant lady’ hare painting

I decided to pull my elegant writer pen out of the cupboard for this painting. I combined this with watercolour, and only one shade…brown! But the colours that emerge from using the elegant writer once water is added are always a delightful surprise. This young female looks very elegant as she sits watching the world go by, just like the wonderful pen used to create her. Do check out speedballs elegant writer pens if you fancy trying something different, blues and pinks emerge like magic once water is added to your drawing.

‘ an elegant lady’ A4 140 lb coldpress


‘An elegant lady’ watercolour and elegant writer pen 140 lb coldpress A4

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