A catch up of some recent paint time

I know I have been slack at posting, but here is a snippet of some of my recent time spent painting. Lots of animals.


A special little dog called Hubble from little dog laughed, I had been meaning to paint him for a while after his mum kindly said I could use his photo. He is my favourite dog here on WordPress, take a look at the blog through my link, dogs with character, and of course some great photography effects.

'Hubble' the little dog I have fallen in love with here on WordPress at 'little dog laughed' 10x7" 140 lb cold press, thank you Hubble ❤️

‘Hubble’ the little dog I have fallen in love with here on WordPress at ‘little dog laughed’ 10×7″ 140 lb cold press, thank you Hubble ❤️

A pair of gorgeous guinea pigs, belonging to a patient at my place of work, they spent many days in her room keeping her company, and are such little chatter boxes.

'Perfect pair' watercolour and pen Guinea pigs 10x7" 140 lb coldpress. These two cuties belong to a patient at work, they visit daily, and I could not resist painting the pair, the painting is now on her room wall

‘Perfect pair’ watercolour and pen Guinea pigs 10×7″ 140 lb coldpress. These two cuties belong to a patient at work, they visit daily, and I could not resist painting the pair, the painting is now on her room wall

Another painting for a patient, ‘Minnie’ is an amazon yellow headed parrot, I was asked if I could include her feathers into the painting so used them to create a frame by sticking them on the mount.

Two horses from the fortune centre of riding therapy, they offers an amazing opportunity for teenagers/young adults with special educational needs to participate in a course based around learning through horses the course runs upto a maximum of three years, sadly Ella was put to sleep recently, but good memories remain in the hearts of many.

Two lovely lurches ‘smoker’ and cobweb’ that belong to my daughters boyfriends’ family, I love painting lurches, they are just not easy to get a photograph of, as soon as the camera comes out they go shy! I was lucky on this occasion.

Lastly I was asked by a friend if I could change a picture she had of a cow, it had so much red on it, the poor cow looked like it was in the slaughter house, see what you think??? Here are the before and after photos, I used oil paint to make this cute cow more appealing to her very young daughter,

Thats all folks, I hope to pop back soon

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Quiet but still here sktchy30 challenge

Hi all, I am sorry I have been so quiet lately, although I have been very busy with work, I have managed to keep up with some painting each day, infact I have just completed my first ever painting challenge sktchy30….. An email prompt was sent each morning to participating artists, and I am so pleased to have completed each by the midnight deadline, fitting around horses and work was tough but achieving this was a great boost to myself 😀. Here is a montage of the full months work, the pictures can be seen in my pages, ie horses, people, if you wish to see in more detail.imageimageimageimage

Just got back from a beautiful bluebell sponsored ride in Dorset, ponies were superstars, and the rain held back for us. …..now what to paint tonight?

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I stumbled upon this delightfully handsome chap on Facebook. Archie belongs to my friend Fran. I was messing about with back ground effects, and decided to add Archie to the splodges of paint, it started off as a practice/play, so I had only used my cheaper paper, after starting in ink I then added some watercolour. I was quite pleased how my play time had turned out….why does it happen that way, maybe I should alway use the good stuff? I have now sent Archie to his mum, especially as she will be getting married so very soon, a small gift to cherish, I am sure he will look great framed.

'Archie'31.5x24 cm coldpress  ink and watercolour

‘Archie’31.5×24 cm coldpress ink and watercolour

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Horsing around

I have not been painting much the last couple of weeks, as I have recently started a new job. I have been riding between the rainy days during my spare moments. Hopefully once I have settled into my new routine I will get back to painting properly, for now here is some of my horsing around, when I am not on horse back!

'Damask' 14x10" 140lb coldpress polychromos and watercolour

‘Damask’ 14×10″ 140lb coldpress polychromos and watercolour

'frisky' 12x14cm ink and wash, quick small painting

‘frisky’ 12x14cm ink and wash, quick small painting

'Shadows' 12x14cm ink and wash, quick small painting

‘Shadows’ 12x14cm ink and wash, quick small painting

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‘Meandering in the meadow’ pheasant art

I have been working on this large piece over the last week, between riding and work I decided it was eventually finished. I started the pheasant in polychromos ( now I wish I hadn’t, as it was not how I had originally planned) I finished the rest in watercolour. Although it was not to plan I am happy with him, the look has way too much detail to my original thought, so I will try again for my intended look very soon in the future. This is one of my larger watercolours at 65cm x50cm which I hope will fit in a frame I have ….if I measured correctly? Hopefully he will hang on my friends stall at Molly’s den, if the colours complement the upholstery they have at the moment that will be a bonus.


‘Meandering in the meadow’ polychromos and watercolour 300lb coldpress 65×50 cm

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Eden Bee’portrait watercolour and polychromos

This is a quick post today, but I wanted to share this portrait of Eden Bee, taken from her reference photo on sktchy app. Watercolour and polychromos on 200lb coldpress 30x40cm


‘Eden Bee’ sktchy app reference photo, 30x40cm 200lb coldpress watercolour and polychromos

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3 a me goes…portrait

This was so much fun to create. ‘3 a me goes’ is from reference photos courtesy of sktchy app, in particular I would like to thank Elizabeth Lapsley, the creator and model of the portrait reference. It took a while for me to finish this one, as I seem to flit from one painting to the next, eventually last night I set to completing it. It is 30×40 cm 200lb coldpress, using watercolour, ink and polychromos pencils, I hope you can see how much fun this was 😀.


‘3 a me goes’ 30x40cm 200lb coldpress. Watercolour, ink and polychromos pencils with thank Elizabeth Lapsley sktchy app reference photo

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